Drosophila pseudoobscura – Order

  1. Stock Details:
    1. 10411-0121.200 
    2. Drosophila 
    3. Sophophora 
    4. obscura 
    5. pseudoobscura 
    6. 35.00 
    7. Dpse\w[1];PBac{5PBlueEye}Dpse1 
    8. FBst0203656 
    9. (Kaufman)pBac{5pBlueEye}Dpse2 
    10. Discovered:

      TRANSGENIC (2010)

    11. 10/15/10 
    12. Kaufman, T. & Holtzman, S.  
    13. Cornmeal 
  2. Collection Info:
    1. Location:
      1. Unknown 
      2. Unknown 
    2. Unknown 
    3. Inbred line 
    4. Identified by donor 
    5. Notes:

      Genetically manipulated and donated by Thom Kaufman (09/2010).
      Original Stock Used: 14011-0121.12 with genotype Dpse\w[1].
      Construct: pBac(hsp70-transposase)::(3xP3-ECFP)::hsp27-EGFP::(3xP3-DsRed).
      This is the original two part vector that has both the pBac transposase with 3xP3-ECFP as a transformation marker plus an hsp27-EGFP enhancer trap construct with 3xP3-dsRed as a transformation marker. This enhancer trap did not work in our species project (namely, the hsp27 promoter did not work for enhancer trapping). Since the enhancer trap component seems to be stable in these lines, it may be that it inserted somewhere in the genome where it is now extremely stable, or perhaps the transposase component is weakly expressing or not expressing highly enough to excise/jump it out.
      11/15/2011 (M. Richmond) - Mistake in data entry, stock number should be 14011-0121.200.