Husbandry Information for D. hexastigma

Food requirements

We grow these flies on banana Opuntia food. They will not thrive on standard cornmeal food.


20 - 25°C is the range they will grow at. They grow slower at the lower temperatures. Embryo to adult will take about 20 days depending upon the temperature. It takes several days from eclosion to reproducing adults. Because of the longer lifecycle there are problems with mold in the food and the food dehydrating.

Pupation conditions

The addition of paper along the side of the vial when there are many larvae present is helpful.

Special requirements

D. hexastigma cultures are subject to a mold infestation. The best strategy is to subject the adults to rapid transfer to new food every 24 hours for a few days.

The males and females are not of identical morphology. If you have mature males and females in the same vial, it may appear that you have two different types of flies.