Husbandry Information for D. pachea

Food requirements

In order to raise the D. pachea flies, we first take a piece of the Senita cactus (Lophocereus schottii) and let it get good and rotten for several days at room temperature. Next, stir up a vial of banana Opuntia food. Then, add some of the rotten cactus and mix thoroughly.


18 - 25°C is the range they will grow at. They grow slower at the lower temperatures. Embryo to adult will take 25 to 35 days depending upon the temperature.

Pupation conditions

Add in some pieces of wood (popsicle stick) or dental cotton (pre-soaked) for a pupation surface

Special requirements

They are very sensitive to the levels of cactus in the food. If you are trying to expand your stock, you will need to transfer the adults to new food about every 3 days.

Adults require many days to reach sexual maturity, if you transfer adults to new vials immediately after they eclose you will not get eggs for over a week. One solution is to combine old and new vials when you transfer.