Maintaining repleta: mulleri subgroup flies

Food requirements

Some species in this group will do fine on standard cornmeal food, especially if it is a nutritious recipe. HOWEVER, many cactophilic species require cactus in their diet. Typically, the Opuntia powder in the banana Opuntia food suffices, but some species (e.g. nigrospiracula) require a specific species of cactus.


18 - 25°C is the range they will grow at. They grow slower at the lower temperatures. Embryo to adult will take 17 to 30 days depending upon the species and the temperature.

Pupation conditions

The addition of paper along the side of the vial when there are many larvae present is often necessary.

Special requirements

Adults require many days to reach sexual maturity, if you transfer adults to new vials immediately after they eclose you will not get eggs for over a week and the food can go bad. One solution is to combine older adults with newly-eclosed adults when you set up new vials/bottles.