Maintaining tripunctata group flies

Food requirements

We grow these flies on banana Opuntia food. You can prepare the banana-malt food without the cactus powder, because the Opuntia powder is merely a consequence of how our kitchen prepares the food.


18 - 25°C is the range they will grow at. They grow slower at the lower temperatures. Embryo to adult will take about 15 days depending upon the temperature.

Pupation conditions

In order to pupate, the addition of paper along the side of the vial when there are many larvae present is helpful.

These flies generally do best if the food is mashed up with several drops of water to create a consistency similar to that of mashed potatoes. Mold can be an issue in these cultures and it is best to allow flies to clean themselves off for 24 hours in a clean vial, and then start a new vial with mashed up food.