List of Ingredients

Below is some specific information about brands and ways to purchase ingredients.

Fine ground agar from Genesee Scientific. We previously purchased this directly from Moorhead & Company, 1-800-423-3170

Baby Cereal:
Gerber single-grain rice cereal.

Fresh bananas from the grocery store. They need to have the peels removed and then get liquified in a blender before use. They can be stored peeled at 4°C for several days.

Yellow cornmeal from Genesee Scientific.

Instant Drosophila medium:
This is the just-add-water fly food that is sold by Carolina Biological Supply Co. We do not buy the product with the blue dye.

Karo® Syrup: Light. ACH Food Company.
Karo is a brand name ( for corn syrup. I checked some recipe webpages and sugarbeet syrup is similar:


  Basic brewers malt from Breiss Malt & Ingredients Co. (

Mold inhibitor powder. Also known as Tegosept®; Methyl Parasept; Methyl paraben; Nipagin and others
Some suppliers:
We purchase these from the local supermarket. They are Agaricus bisporus.

Natural Applesauce:
We purchase this from the local supermarket.

Portabella mushrooms:
We purchase these from the local supermarket. They are the brown strain of Agaricus bisporus. They are also spelled portobello.

Powdered Opuntia cactus:
The UC San Diego Stock Center no longer has Opuntia cactus powder available. You can try to create your own:

In Mexican food markets you can easily buy fresh "nopalitos" cactus. Set it in an oven at low temperature. Let the cactus dry for 12-24 hours; once it is brown and crispy, blend the material to create the powder.

Bottled opuntia cactus is a less-desirable alternative: Wash the material until it is no longer slimy; dry with a napping. Then, set soft cactus in the oven.

Potato Buds®:
Instant mashed potato mix by Betty Crocker®

Product 19® Cereal:
Breakfast cereal sold by Kellogg's.

Propionic Acid:
A mold inhibitor. Also known as Carboxyethane; Ethanecarboxylic acid; Ethylformic acid; Methylacetic acid; Metacetonic acid; Propanoic acid; Propanoic acid grain preserver; Pseudoacetic acid.
Some suppliers:

Protein Powder:

  Hard Fast® by Universal Nutrition, New Brunswick, NJ. This is a protein supplement available from most nutrition stores.

Saguaro cactus:
The saguaro cactus (Carnegiea gigantea) grows in Mexico and the Southwestern US. We use pieces of it that have rotted and fallen to the ground. Very young plants are sometimes available from nurseries.

Soy Protein Flour:
Available in organic or health food stores. Also sometimes found in Asian grocery stores.

Special K ® cereal:
Breakfast cereal sold by Kellogg's.

Sysco Classic Granulated Sugar.

Wheat Germ:
Bob's Red Mill wheat germ.


Whole Grain Total cereal:
Breakfast cereal sold by General Mills

Inactive Yeast:
This is the yeast that is mixed into the food for cooking from Genesee Scientific

Active Yeast (sprinkle 5-10 grains on solidified food to stimulate egg production in females):
Fleischmann's Active Dry Yeast for Baking.

Cream of Wheat®

95% Ethanol:
Used to dissolve the methylparaben. Also known as Ethyl alcohol, 190 proof. Some suppliers: