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Image courtesy of the Prud'homme & Gompel Lab:
D. melanogaster, D. biarmipes, D. guttifera

Our Collection

The DSSC currently maintains a living collection of over 250 Drosophila species represented by approximately 1600 stocks that are used by biological researchers focusing on questions in evolution, ecology, developmental biology, physiology, neurobiology, comparative genomics, and immunology. Each species in the Center varies with respect to the number of strains maintained, reflecting factors such as close phylogenetic relationship to species with sequenced genomes, the presence of genetically marked or transgenic stocks, the availability of stocks from diverse collection localities, and the ease with which stocks can be obtained and reared.

Please let us know if you would like to make a donation to our collection, or have a request for a particular species we are not currently maintaining.

Look Around!

The links to the left will guide your through our searchable database which has detailed information with regard to individual stocks, in addition to a page dedicated to Drosophila husbandry listing our culturing and rearing techniques for each of the different species groups. We welcome feedback and comments so please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

The UC San Diego Drosophila Species Stock Center provides subcultures of over 250 different Drosophila species. The basic operating expenses of the Stock Center are funded by the National Science Foundation.

We are required, however, to charge for the stocks we provide to recover some of the costs. The charge for a subculture of all available species is $35 plus shipping. For each stock ordered we send one vial containing eggs and larvae, and one vial containing ~50-75 adults.

In addition to the permanent collection, the Stock Center periodically offers recent collections of isofemale lines on a limited-time basis. Investigators lacking grant support may petition the Stock Center for a waiver of fees by contacting the Stock Center director.

In addition to the stocks listed to the left, check the Stock List Announcements for information about new stocks, new and previous isofemale lines, and other anouncements.