Using a Purchase Order

In order to complete an order at the UC San Diego Drosophila Species Stock Center using a Purchase Order number, your institution must FAX or mail a copy of the PO to us or our business office BEFORE you place your order.

Please include contact information on this fax for the person who will be placing the order at your institution. (e.g. the business office for Smith College faxes us a Purchase Order, but Mary Jones will order the flies. Please have Mary Jones and her e-mail address somewhere in the fax.)

Usually within 24 hours, the Purchase Order will be added to the Stock Center database for your use. We will send you an e-mail or contact you and provide the confirmation number. Use this number as the PO# when placing your order on our website.

Note that you will be unable to place your order until you receive the confirmation. The exact amount you will be charged can be determined after selecting the stocks and going through the "checkout" process, select PO/Check as an option and based on your shipping destination a final total will be provided.

If you foresee that you will be making multiple orders during a given year, setting up a blanket purchase order will greatly expedite filling your orders.

A blanket PO would be established for a given amount of money, say $2,000, but you would only be billed as orders were filled.


This is a promise to pay a specific amount of money for a specific set of goods. Most likely, your institution will require a detailed list of items that you will order including stock numbers and prices BEFORE it will issue a Purchase Order. You should also include the cost of shipping and any applicable CA sales tax.

A Purchase Order for a generic university/company would look like this:

Generic purchase order, showing fields for date, requisition number, addressee, shipping address, requisitioner, and list of items and their costs

A Purchase Order is sometimes called the following names:

Each Purchase Order issued will always have a unique set of numbers or digits or both. This is different from the Invoice# that the UC San Diego Stock Center creates for each order that we process.