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Sponsorship Opportunities

We are pleased to share the details for an annual sponsorship opportunity of the UC San Diego Drosophila Species Stock Center. The mission of the Stock Center is to maintain and curate a diverse collection of over 250 Drosophila species and make them available to a wide variety of domestic and international research labs. Our client base of over 1000 users includes researchers in proteomics, translational science, systems biology, microbial genetics, developmental biology, chromosome biology, and ecological genetics. The Stock Center website serves as the primary interface between clients and the Stock Center, and receives an average of 1500 visits per month. Because we are the only Stock Center of our kind, our website is considered a centralized resource for all domestic and international Drosophila biologists.

The Stock Center hosts an annual workshop every October for domestic and international Drosophila researchers. This event has become the premier means for convening the world’s top Drosophila researchers for training and education about diverse Drosophila species. In addition, the workshop opening reception and banquet provide exceptional networking opportunities for select sponsors to interact with conference attendees and instructors. The Keynote address at this year’s banquet will be given by renowned developmental biologist, Mariana Wolfner (Cornell University). Additional information regarding featured education sessions can be found on the workshop website.

The various levels of sponsorship are provided below for your review. I am sure you will find this annual sponsorship to be an advantageous way to connect with scientists at the forefront of this vital research across the globe.

If you have questions about the sponsorship opportunities please contact Beth Schroder, Director of Development in Biological Sciences at 858-534-1966 or enschroder@ucsd.edu.

Support the Drosophila Species Stock Center
at UC San Diego

Promote Research and Education with Your Annual Commitment

The Drosophila Species Stock Center at UC San Diego maintains a living collection of over 250 Drosophila species represented by 1500 stocks for distribution to the research community. The recent sequencing of the genomes of 21 Drosophila species has fueled demand for living cultures of these species by researchers focusing on questions in evolution, ecology, developmental biology, physiology, neurobiology, comparative genomics, and immunology. The Drosophila Species Stock Center also hosts an annual workshop at UC San Diego that brings together select PI’s, postdocs and graduate students for an intense yet intimate program focused on the biology of Drosophila species other than D. melanogaster. Your sponsorship commitment will also benefit the annual workshop while providing you with an intimate setting in which discuss the equipment and supply needs of the participant’s research programs.


  • Company logo & hyperlink prominently displayed on the Drosophila Species Stock Center homepage
  • Company logo displayed on workshop program and other materials
  • Sponsorship acknowledgement during workshop and events

SPONSOR - $1,000

All of the benefits of a supporter PLUS:

  • Two complimentary tickets to the networking reception on October 18th, 2012
  • A list of workshop attendees
  • Company literature prominently displayed on the exhibit table during the annual workshop

PARTNER - $2,500

All of the benefits of a sponsor PLUS:

  • Exclusive acknowledgement, “2012 Annual Drosophila Species Workshop is presented by (company name)”
  • Scholarship in your company’s name to cover the registration costs for a graduate student attendee at the workshop
  • Two complimentary tickets to the Workshop banquet on October 20th, 2012

To become a sponsor or learn more, please contact:
Beth Schroder, Director of Development
enschroder@ucsd.edu or 858-534-1966