2016 Drosophila Species Workshop XIII

Drosophila Species Workshop XIII will tentatively be held in October 2017

The main goal of the workshop is to teach participants how to incorporate non-melanogaster Drosophila species into their research program. Students are introduced to Drosophila systematics, rearing and husbandry techniques, how to design and conduct mating experiments, how to collect flies from wild populations, and analysis of polytene chromosomes. In addition, workshop participants learn the key morphological traits necessary for identifying Drosophila species, and work in depth with the D. melanogasterD. obscura, and D. repleta species groups along with instructors that specialize in each of these groups to facilitate the process of keying out specimens.

Workshop participants include domestic and international Drosophila researchers that use a variety of techniques pertaining to studies in genomics, proteomics, systems biology, microbial genetics, developmental biology, chromosome biology, and ecological genetics. 


Schedules from Previous Workshops


2009 Drosophila Species Workshop IX

2009 Workshop Group Photo  2009 Workshop Field Session

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2011 Workshop Group Photo 2011 Workshop Field Session