Drosophila Species Workshop XI Schedule

2012 Drosophila Species Workshop XI

October 18-21, 2012

Wednesday October 17

Arrival of instructors and participants to La Jolla Shores Hotel

Thursday October 18

8:00 AMShuttle to depart hotel for campus
8:30 AMInstructor/Participant
8:45 AMIntroductions Introduction to Drosophila identification, primer on keys (O’Grady)
9:15 AMOverview of the Drosophila genus, examining species, practice using keys
12:30 PMLunch on your own
2:00 PMThe melanogaster group (O’Grady, Watada)
2:45 PMKeying out melanogaster group flies
5:00 PMReception and Mexican food dinner at Mandeville Suite, Tioga Hall, UCSD
8:00 PMShuttle to La Jolla Shores Hotel

Friday October 19

8:00 AMDepart hotel for campus
8:30 AMThe obscura group (Schaeffer)
9:15 AMKeying out obscura group flies
11:00 AMLife history variation and its importance in working with species (Markow)
12:00 PMLunch on your own
1:30 PMDrosophila cytology, polytene chromosomes (Schaeffer)
3:30 PMMating behavior experiments (Markow)
4:30 PMThe National Bio-Resource Project in Japan (Watada)
5:30 PMReturn to hotel
6:00 PMDinner on your own

Saturday October 20

8:30 AMFlyBase Demo (Matthews)
10:00 AMCollecting wild Drosophila from UCSD campus
10:30 AMIdentification of wild caught flies
12:30 PMLunch on your own
1:30 PMThe repleta group (Markow, O’Grady)
2:00 PMKeying out repleta group flies
3:30 PMGenitalia preparations for species identification (Richmond)
5:00 PMReturn to hotel
6:00 PMReception - La Jolla Shores Hotel Acapulco Terrace
7:00 PMDinner - Acapulco Room
8:00 PMKeynote Address - Dr. Mariana Wolfner

Sunday October 21

8:30 AMThe virilis group (McAllister)
9:15 AMKey out virilis group flies
10:45 AMOverview of non-melanogaster transgenic fly lines (Wasserman)
12:00 PMLunch brought in (sandwiches, etc.)
1:00 PMInternal anatomy: reproductive tracts (Markow)
1:30 PMDissections of reproductive tracts
2:30 PMKey out additional flies, practice, questions
4:00 PMAdjourn and return to hotel or to airport